Working Shins In Thighs Apart

January 2010

Shins In / Thighs Apart is a movement sequence from Anusara yoga.  In this action the legs are stablized while creating space in the pelvis.  With the complimentary second movement of rooting the tail bone a stable pose is created.

Let’s look at the components of these actions.  You will need a hard foam block.

  • Stand in Tadasana with a hard foam block between your upper inner thighs.
  • Bend your knees slightly, lift your toes.
  • Press the mound of your big toe down and let the outer edge of your foot lift.  Feel how the muscles of your outer shin have firmed to make this action.
  • Let the foam block roll slightly towards your back body (this will increase your lumbar curve).  Then engage your inner thighs away from the midline as if you were trying to drop the block.
  • Allow this action to re-balance the weight through your feet as you set your toes down.
  • Use your core abdominal muscles to root the tail bone as you straighten your legs.

Another way to work this action:

Make a loop in a yoga belt and place this around your thighs, just below the mid thigh.  Make it snug enough that you can press against it.  Keep your outer calf firm as you use the belt to press into, then lengthen through your tail bone to complete the action.

A short routine:


Chair pose

Forward Bend







Walk your hands to your feet – Forward bend


Use Shins In/ Thighs Apart to balance your knee in standing poses like Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II, Extended Side Angle (Parsvakonasana), and Triangle (Trikonasana).


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