Zoning or How I Fell in Love with my iPhone

Zoning Zoning Zoning. Now sing this to the tune of “Rawhide” and you’ll get the vibe. This is what my husband, Neil, sings when he see me playing games on my iPhone.

I want to give all the credit/blame to my husband. Neil is an early adopter as the lingo goes. This means that Neil is likely to buy something as soon as it’s released. When he bought the $600.00 iPhone I really rolled my eyes. I couldn’t image why anyone would need such an expensive phone. I think mine at the time was a $50.00 model. No one much called me anyway so why would I want anything more? When he bought my daughter, Jenni, one too I was almost up-in-arms. The two of them do love Apple products. Jenni is on her second or third iteration of iPod and Neil may be ahead of her. I get all the hand-me-downs. This computer I’m writing on.. Neil’s first MacBook. Jenni has his second one. The hard drive on mine has died three times but it works fine for me. I’m glad most things are on the cloud now, I don’t lose as much stuff. My back-ups are not routine.

The winter of 08 is when it happened for me. The iPhone I mean. It was just the first day of the big snow storm. The stores at Washington Square, the mall near our house, were starting to close faster than Venus Fly Traps. We called and found that the ATT store was still open and had an iPhone. The Apple store had already closed. We walked over as our cars don’t have chains and we wouldn’t have made it. It was a great walk. The falling snow was beautiful. I got my iPhone. I spent some time picking out a hard case as Neil and I agreed we didn’t want the same one. The store closed as we left. The walk home wasn’t so much fun. By then the snow was flying horizontal and it was biting as it hit our face.

When we got home, I built a fire and that is where I sat for the next 10 days. Occasionally I looked out the window to see my car being buried from the ground up and the top down. After a week all I could see were a few inches about the wheel base. I did go in the kitchen and I slept in my bedroom. The rest of the time, I sat by the fire with the new iPhone. I fell in love with iPhone apps. I bought a few. Isn’t it wonderful how one can shop from home. Spend money without even touching the greenback. I didn’t go crazy. I know some people who have quite a bill at the iPhone Store each month. It’s music that takes them down.

My favorite application was ‘Trism’. I played that game day after day. You nest the same colored triangle into three or more to win points. There are bombs that blow up (game over) and locks that force different moves. Some special triangles let you move pieces without making a match. I have put some of my scores online. My highest score is 223 million.

It’s over a year later and I still like that game. I can’t have the volume loud as Neil has developed an aversion to the sound. I turn it up when no one’s around. I have other favorites now: Peggle, Global, Wurdle. DoodleJump and Bejeweled2 are my latest. I find playing really relaxing. That’s not entirely true. When I first played DoodleJump I would clench my stomach when I thought I was going to fall. I’ve calmed down. I didn’t think I was that addicted until my granddaughter showed me my stats on DoddleJump. When had I played a 1000 games? I still think it’s wrong.

I like my iPhone for other reasons. The GPS has saved me many a time. Neil and I used it when we were in Europe this last summer. It’s not helpful unless you know which way is north. In Amsterdam that took quite a while. I’m used to water being in one place, going one direction. The canals in Amsterdam don’t follow that model. We used an app to route the metro when we were in Paris. When we lost the camera, the iPhone took its place. There’s an app for everything the ad boasts. They’re right!

I store poems and writings I like in Evernote. My yoga students are used to me reading from the iPhone. It’s also how I listen to podcasts and audio books. I love being read to. I have some favorite yoga routines on the iPhone, as well as my calendar. How did I ever live without this phone???

I even text now. Not a lot as I’m fairly clumsy. I marvel at my daughter and her friends. They are fast. It’s helpful when I want to tell her something and I know she’s in class or at work. I have the Twitter app as well but haven’t used it.

Neil has his original music on one application. This is way cool! The original one is called AmbiSci PMP (pure meditation premium). There are other apps that have followed this one. Check it out if you have an iPod or iPhone. It’s an application for meditation and sleep.

Why am I telling you all this? I’ve been thinking about my image as a blogger. Especially to those who don’t know me or know me well. I worry that I give a false impression. Therefore the piece on I Wish I Was Funny. In that one I confessed that I do tend towards the weighty. So if you were wondering how do I lighten up? Get an iPhone and we’ll talk.


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