Foodies Dilemma – second update

Foods that BECKON.  What I’m learning.

  • Beckoning foods come in many disguises.  It’s the extra bites I find hard to resist.

Case in point.  I left the extra cheese I cut when I realized it was more than I was hungry for.  I didn’t do so well when I took the second piece of freshly made sour dough bread.  I happily cut the second slice off and dipped it in olive oil.  Half way through I knew I should stop.  I didn’t.

  • Beckoning foods aren’t always high calorie foods.  There are secret triggers.

I was in New Seasons the other day.  I walked by the meat department and was snagged by a small pork roast.  They looked so cute all bundled up in their little net coats.  This one was labeled ‘Tuscan Pork Roast’.  I asked the man what made it Tuscan.  He said it was a leg roast that was butterflied and stuffed with roasted garlic and other spices.  In brain-time, almost below awareness, memories and thoughts flashed.  I remembered Italy this summer – carefree days and good food.  The pork roasts my mother made that were succulent, juicy.  The applesauce we had with them. My curiosity about how to butterfly a piece of meat.  Knowing my husband who doesn’t eat pork wouldn’t be home for dinner.  I bought half of one.
When it was finally cooked I was so hungry.  I had a lot of anticipation.  It was tasty but I soon realized I really didn’t want it.  It was too heavy in my stomach.  I wrapped it up, put it in the refrigerator, but know I won’t eat any more.  I thought about cutting it up and giving it to my dog Henry.  I don’t think it will be good for him.  Now I think I’ll bury it in the backyard in a deep hole.  Let the earth creatures enjoy.

Cautions around beckoning foods

  • It’s cute
  • It’s little
  • You are reminded of another time (sunny, warm (it’s winter now), good times)
  • It’s a cuisine you like
  • A childhood memory lingers in the background
  • If you’re a cook it may be prepared in a way that intrigues you
  • It’s an indulgence, you wouldn’t normally eat this food

As I ponder all the thoughts and memories I had around that one little piece of meat, I realize what a maze of hidden agendas food shopping and eating can be.  With so many choices my memory banks must go crazy as I walk through a food store.  I can understand why some cultures just eat the same food everyday, it’s easier.

I know I“m not going on a mono diet.  This means I’m destine to keep slugging it out with my foods that HUM and foods that BECKON.  I suppose there could be worse things in life.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Lani on February 2, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    It’s sitting there on the counter waiting to be put away, only it hasn’t been put away and it is in such nice little pieces……so handy to just pick up….pop in the mouth


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