Foodies Dilemma – third update

This may be my last update on this subject as I am changing my perspective.  But here’s what has been happening since I last checked in.

  • I have been drinking Kombucha tea and found my body really likes it.

This is funny as the first time I tried it I immediately returned it to the store and said I thought it had gone bad.  This was in spite of the statement on the label saying it has a somewhat fermented taste.  I was convinced that what I was drinking was way beyond fermented.  Sometimes I’m just not ready for something new.  Months later I tried it again.  I bought GT’s Gingeraid.  Love at first sip.  For two months I drank a 16 oz bottle a day.  This is expensive!  The best price I found was New Season’s if I bought it by the case (which I did).  Many cases later, I now brew it myself.  I’ll tell you about that adventure in another post.

  • I stopped eating bread and drinking wine for about two weeks.

The Kombucha tea diminished my desire for these things.  I still made bread.  Strange as this may seem, my love of bread making is entirely separate from my love of eating it.

  • There was a sneaky beckoning moment.

As my body was releasing it’s wish for grain (I wasn’t having any grains – a la South Beach Diet) I bought a Costco size box of cereal for Neil, my husband.  When I considered this purchase later I realized I got it because of my own desire for wheat.  I didn’t eat it.  Sneaky stuff, those wheat taste buds.  I confess, there was a day or two when I told Neil to keep a wide berth as I was a little testy.

  • I have cut way back on my tea consumption and only drink coffee occasionally.

I think this is the Kombucha tea again.  What I long for in the morning when I get up is energy.  Most mornings I teach a 9:00 AM yoga class and don’t eat until after at 11 AM.  So I want energy but not much in my stomach.  Kombucha tea satisfies this need for energy without the jolt of black tea.  In the listed benefits of Kombucha tea it is consider an energy boaster and supports appetite and weight control.

  • I am drinking half my body weight in water (ounces of course).

It became obvious that my body was detoxing.  I had a spell of dizziness and some lymph nodes that were tender.  The water helps to flush everything out.  I switched from my filtered water to Kangen water.  This is still a mystery to me but it may be helping as well.  Check it out yourself.  I also took some chinese herbs that Dr. Marilyn Walkey gave me.  So nice to have support when I need it.  I’m keeping this habit.

  • My drive to lose weight has changed.  I have taken on the resolution to accept ‘what is’ as if I chose it”.

What is true is I have this body and I really appreciate how its supports me in all that I wish to endeavor.  Wanting to lose weight appeals to me but it in itself will not meet my need for happiness.  I am pursuing a mindful path of eating which includes eating bread, drinking wine, and having black tea.  Right now I have this body – I’m choosing it.  If I lose weight, I’ll chose that body.  The main idea is to not believe that the next moment will be better than this moment.  I am thinking of Ram Dass “Be Here Now”.

  • I’m happy.

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  1. Posted by Christine on March 1, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Hopefully you are drinking half your body weight in ounces!


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