Roadblocks, Detours, and Dead-ends

Every month at the new moon I make ten wishes.  The wishes are based on the energy of the astrological sign for that moon.  I started doing this in March 2009 at the recommendation of my astrologer, Diane Nealey.  She had been given the book, New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller and was really excited by her experience and thought I would like it as well.  I value Diane’s advice and so bought the book and began.  My take on this process:  set my intention and see how it unfolds.

Each wish asks me to clarify what I want in my life. Sometimes this is easy and I can see the fruits of my intentions manifest.  Here are a few that I experience coming to fruition.

  • I want to channel my curiosity in ways that bring the greatest satisfaction and provide the results I desire for greater self-knowledge. (5/09 – Gemini)
  • I want all fears surrounding my ability to be connected to my authentic self lifted from me. (12/09 – Sagittarius)
  • I want to clarify my bond with Neil so that both of us experience the rich ground of our relationship. (11/09 – Scorpio)
  • I want to consciously explore variety in my life and easily see many options.  (5/09 – Gemini)
  • I want to easily see my needs in regards to women friends so I can have greater love, companionship, and honesty. (4/09 – Taurus)

Other times I make wishes and nothing comes of it.  It is like blowing air.

  • I want vigilance in doing my correspondence course. (3/09 – Aries) * Haven’t done anything with it.
  • I want to easily increase my income without adding more demands on my life. (4/09 – Taurus) * Can’t say this has happened.
  • I want all destructive habits easily lifted from me. (2/10 – Aquarius) * Perhaps I was overly optimistic.

I think you’re getting the picture.  I’m not going to share some of my juicier ones as they are just too personal to put out in this environment.  Some haven’t had any results and I need to re-examine them to know if they really matter to me.  There are others which I need to nurture and refine my intention so their energy can continue weaving through my life.

What does all this have to do with roadblocks, detours and dead-ends?  Can a new moon wish help clarify a roadblock from a dead-end?  Here’s a wish I made last night for the Pisces new moon:

I want all feelings of disappointment replaced by the recognition that everything is working toward my highest good.

Shortly after I finished writing my wishes my daughter Jenni called in tears.  She has just finished writing her essay for getting a scholarship to study abroad this Fall in Amsterdam only to discover she didn’t qualify for any of the listed scholarships in this program.  She was heartbroken, discouraged, and fearful her dream was slipping away.  This was no time to go straight to solution so we spent some time talking about how she felt and what she needed.  I feel blessed to have a great relationship with my daughter and be a person she will turn to when she wants an understanding ear.  After awhile it seemed appropriate to explore options.  With my new moon wish in mind, I thought maybe this wish could help Jenni navigate through this difficulty.  Perhaps this is just a roadblock that requires a detour.  She could use her disappointment to fuel a creative solution.  Here are some we brainstormed last night:

  • Perhaps there are other scholarships available that her advisor will know of.
  • There might be people in our extended network who have ideas and/or are willing to offer financial help
  • What enterprise might we pursue to generate money?
  • Maybe there are programs in the Netherland’s that help foreign students?  We still have the email address for some people we met who might know how to do this.

What I know from experience:

When we set a path to our goal the road is often full of roadblocks and detours.  If we take these as reasons to abandon our intention we’ve lost the big picture and allowed the event to be a dead-end.  If we follow through, hindsight will often show that what seemed insurmountable in the moment was only a blip on the path.

I’m not a Pollyanna and only see life with a rosy glow.  I think that many of the saccharin ideas of New Age thinking are just that, ‘sweet little puff of smoke’.  But when one has an intention that is based in realistic plans and is willing to do the work required to make it happen, then a barrier in the road can be the fuel for creativity and work for ones greater good.

Jenni’s goal is realistic, she is diligent, and brings great enthusiasm to her tasks.  She reminds me of the women in Neil’s family.  Her grandmother, Pat, was a person who went to work each day to a job that many would have disparaged.  She stayed even after they short-changed her on her pension because it served her life purpose of being a support to her family.  She met hardships with courage and enthusiasm.  Her love was unflappable.  For over a year she went to work and then went to the hospital where her husband was fighting cancer.  She never complained.  Neil’s sister, Linda (the real Linda Goldstein) is another amazing woman.  I don’t know if Linda always knew she was an entrepeneur, that she had the vision and determination to follow uncharted waters, but she does now.  Linda puts herself on the edge to pursue her life dreams on a daily basis.  She holds such cheerfulness and love in the face of uncertainty.  I’m in awe of her courage and determination.

Jenni has their qualities.  She got her first job at 15.  The events manager at a golf course asked her to be her assistant.  She picked Jen because of her interpersonal skills not because she had any experience.  Jenni did that job often from true grit.  She had to learn skills on the fly and work with another person who was non-supportive and sometimes down right mean.  That job was 15 miles away and not possible to reach by bus, but she found two neighbors who could help her get there and back.  Jenni showed spunk and resourcefulness.  The next year when that job evaporated she found two other part-time jobs.   She wanted extra money in her life and was willing to work to have it.  She still has one of them.  She had been both a full time and a part-time employee while taking a full load in college.  Jenni demonstrates determination.

If I thought Jenni’s dream of studying in Amsterdam was a dead-end I’d accept this situation as a reason to make other plans.  I’ve followed my fair share of ideas only to see there weren’t really viable – they were dead-ends.  I’ve thought there were new moon wishes that would bring me happiness only to discover on closer examination it wasn’t what I really wanted.  So when I look at Jenni’s predicament I’m still enrolled in it’s happening.  It’s possible that Jenni will decide this is a dead-end but for now she intends to be in Amsterdam this August and I’m supporting her.  Do I sound like a proud mom?  I am!

I heard a piece of writing recently that said as I recall, Once we start a journey, the journey takes us. I resonate with this idea.  Though Jenni began this journey when she decided to go, the journey is now taking Jenni.  I’m on this journey as well and I’m inviting you to come along too.  Have any ideas?  Know someone who might be able to help?  Would you like to share your well wishes?

I love the saying, “An idea whose time has come.”  Why do we believe this?  For me, everything begins from the clarity of my intention.  Then I wait for the universe to provide the form.  The form doesn’t always show up in a neat package, there are often roadblocks and detours that need to be dealt with along the way.  That’s when it good to remember, we are all interconnected.  I look forward to hearing from you.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Not since the 60’s have I had much to do with astrology (I was big on it for a while back then though) but there’s something in what you say about the process that makes it sound like a truly valid way to enter into dialogue with parts of ourselves that are normally not accessible. Something beyond logic. Tuning into forces that are greater than our minds. I am motivated!
    I also want to send my positive thoughts and wishes to Jenni. No matter what twists or detours along the path, I have always known you as a dynamic individual and have complete faith in your success. I hope it does come to you in the way you desire.


  2. Art,
    Thank you for your heartfelt message. I do recommend Diane. I had a student who often spoke of their readings with her until my curiosity was peaked. I’ve been getting readings since 2007 and look forward to everyone.


  3. As someone who has faced similar challenges (wanting to do a PhD overseas with no prospects of support and not qualifying for any funding), and having exercised courage in following through in the face of these challenges, I will attest that miracles do happen. For me, what I think made the difference was being very clear about what I wanted, and putting it ‘out there’ both symbolically (I had a little ‘prayer’ I wrote down on a card and read from each night as a sort of ritual) but also pragmatically (I told anyone I knew about my situation and it did pay off with a chance connection). The desire to study abroad is well within reach I would imagine but will require some ingenuity in finding the right scenario. Putting the word out is a start; and Jenni needs to actively research all options, and tap her own social networking skills. I am guessing something will evolve from this. And if not, then perhaps the focus can shift to taking a ‘gap year’ to travel after graduating from college, which may in fact be in some ways more gratifying as a slightly more mature person, and with some sort of voluntary program. This may be a creative workaround to a scenario if the doors are not opening for this opportunity.



    • Knowing something of your story, I agree miracles do happen. I’ll make sure Jenni reads your comment. I know she is anticipating having you as her professor next term. Way to go Renee!


  4. Posted by Srikanth on March 29, 2010 at 11:21 am

    Linda: My positive thoughts and good wishes go out to Jenni. Looking at my own background, coming from a developing country with not enough money to support my education beyond the first semester – I would suggest Jenni never to give up. In addition to my parents who where very supportive like you are, having a network of friends who shared the same dream, who were willing to walk the same path and face any obstacles together was a big help for me. We looked at existing options, researched which universities had funding, emailed people who studied in those schools etc. Miracles certainly do happen. The profoundest of them are often the simple ones (like the desire to study abroad). They have a lasting effect on the rest of our life.


    • Interestingly scholarship opportunities are showing up. Her adviser has been very helpful and we have received ideas and suggestions. Looks like she will also go to South Korea for a four week program with most expenses paid. Thanks for all your good wishes.


  5. […] job as a way of funding myself.  I told Jenni she had to go and we worked on getting her into a study program.  My hope was she would stay and bring me over.  A month after we returned I took a workshop on […]


  6. Hello! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!


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